10 Tips to Looking Your Best in Wedding Pictures

You are getting married, and we know you have put a lot of time and effort into looking gorgeous for your wedding day, so let’s make sure that translates into your wedding photos!

Channel Your Inner Kim Kardashian: Kim knows a thing or two about looking 10 pounds lighter in front of the camera. Try and practice this classic flattering Hollywood pose: 1. Stand with your hips rotated about 45 degrees away from the camera. Anything turned away from the camera appears smaller.

2. Put your weight on your back foot.

3. Elongate your other leg and cross it in front, with the foot pointed toward the camera.

4. Bend the knee a bit so you don't lock up or look stiff. Even though your dress will probably cover your legs, bending your knee will help you to have a flattering curve in your photo.

5. If you're not holding flowers, you may want to put a hand on your hip.

6. Don't forget to smile!

Afraid you won't remember this? It's okay, we'll help you with posing so that you'll look your very best on your wedding day!

Relax your face

Wedding pictures can take a while, and grinning through every one can be tiring—especially if those beautiful shoes are making your feet blister. So if you start to feel your brow furrow, your eyes squint or smile stiffen, feel free to push the reset button: Close your eyes, let your lips fall back into place. When we begin to see a couple tensing up, we will suggest a pose where they are looking at each other or where their eyes are closed. This keeps the couple engaged and also helps to rest their faces for the next round of smiling family photos.

Smile with your eyes

During the posed photo session at your wedding, there may be interruptions or you may have a hundred things on your mind and that can lead to a smile that looks forced or unnatural. If this happens, just relax your face and be in the moment. Enjoy being a princess on your big day and focus on the photographer. Many times, if the bride starts looking stressed or unnatural, we will lighten the mood by saying something funny, or having the couple look at each other, then look at us. Looking at the one you love always improves your expression. Slightly tilting your head or squinting your eyes a bit adds expression and makes your portraits a bit more dramatic.

Make sure your makeup matches your skin tone and don't forget the powder

Some cosmetic touches can actually backfire when it comes to looking more photogenic. Although you might feel more beautiful when you have a tan, some products can look more orange than tan. Cameras tend to intensify yellows and oranges, so a color closest to your skin tone is more flattering and will make you look beautiful in your photos. Some glitter and other luminescent lotions can end up looking like sweat, not sparkle, in your photos so use them sparingly and always use a matte translucent powder over your makeup to reduce unwanted shine. Men can use the translucent powder too in order to reduce shine and give them a more balanced complexion.

Avoid the double chin.

Double chins can be an issue for everyone, even the thinnest woman can have a double chin in photos. To avoid it, elongate your neck by moving your head forward slightly and lift up your chin. Also you can try touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth right behind your front teeth. This pulls the muscles in and helps alleviate the double chin. You can also contour your jawbone with makeup to make it more visible by using a darker powder or foundation. Adding a little highlighting color on your chin will help it to stand out and hide a double chin as well. As photographers, we look for the best light and poses to create a flattering portrait, so if we see a double chin appearing, we can help you by changing the poses or the light.

Sleek and Beautiful Arms

Most modern wedding dresses are sleeveless, which means you may be tempted to keep your arms close to your body or clasp them behind your back to camouflage underarm jiggle. This can actually make your arms look bigger and your shoulders look broader. Instead, try lifting your arms out to the sides, just far enough to give the biceps and triceps breathing room. Creating space between your body and your arms also makes your waist look thinner and is overall more appealing. Remember to relax your shoulders as well because tightening them will put tension on your neck creating a strained look and shorter neck. If you're holding a bouquet with both hands in front of you, lift it slightly so that you feel the bend in your arm until you feel the space between your arms and your waist.

Stand up straight

When you're feeling self-conscious, you may be inclined to shrink into yourself. But slouching doesn't look great in photos. For the best photos improve your posture by pulling your shoulders back, chest forward and pull your belly button in toward your spine. The better posture you have, the thinner you'll look. You can still be relaxed while maintaining good posture, so don't forget to take a few deep breaths and let the tension out of your neck, shoulders and jaw. If after twenty photos you revert back to slouching, don't worry... we'll remind you and help you to get the very best photos possible.

Laugh out loud

Fake smiles are not flattering, but the same cannot be said for fake laughs. Laughs are almost always flattering! So, if you feel that you're starting to tense up, be silly and have fun!

We will usually tell everyone to make a silly face or to look at each other. That will create authentic laughter and awesome photos.

Keep your poses natural

Even the most natural wedding portraits require some posing. Your photographer will direct you on this, but keep in mind how you usually interact with your partner. If you're not into public affection for example, there's little point in having a dozen photographs of you kissing. Let your photographer know what you're comfortable with, and don't be afraid to suggest alternatives if the pose just doesn't feel natural to you.

Schedule a trial

To practice all of these tips schedule an engagement photo shoot. Plan to spend an hour or two with the photographer you've hired for your wedding day to work out any kinks and get to know the person who will capture your special day. When you're comfortable with the person behind the camera, you're much more likely to look natural in front of it. You can also try different poses and find your "best side". Scheduling a bridal photo shoot is a good idea because you can have a trial run with hair and makeup to make sure that everything looks perfect the day of your wedding. You can also use the portraits from the bridal and engagement sessions to create personalized favors or decor for your wedding day.

If you can't remember all of these tips, no worries! We will help you through the entire day with lighting, posing suggestions and tips that will create beautiful photos that will be shared for years and generations to come. Contact us to schedule your wedding consultation and you can tell us all about your day! Then we'll create the perfect shot list and package to meet all of your photography needs. You can call or text Sherri at 336-432-1373, or you can email us at sherrijphoto@gmail.com.

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