Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!

Christmas is a time filled with wonder and excitement! It can also be stressful trying to find that perfect gift for a loved one. When I was 12, I was very artistic and tried many different mediums but when I opened my gift from my mom, it changed the way I saw art. I got one of those long, film cameras that were very popular in the early 80's. Looking back now, I probably had 20 rolls of film that deteriorated in a drawer because I would forget about them or didn't have the money to have them developed. I would make my family pose so that I could get the perfect shot. I would also shoot lots of pictures of my pets in cute poses, ribbons, hats, clothes and anything else I could get my hands on.... I'm pretty sure that's why my cat started hiding from me when I came home after school. My first camera was the best gift I ever received because it gave me an outlet for my creativity.

My cousin Tina was my first model, and the featured picture is one of my first shots with my new camera. I took that camera everywhere and shot pictures of everything. It allowed me to show others how I saw the world. My mom gave me my passion and she didn't even know it at the time. Thank you mom!

If you have a creative family member that is looking for an outlet, there are so many options. The digital age has made it so easy for anyone to download and share their artistic side with the world. If you're thinking about getting a camera for your family member, here are a few really good cameras that I would suggest:

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