The Smallest Warrior

To see this family, you would never know everything they went through to save their little boy.

Becca was a single mom to Katelyn when she met Scottie. They met through a mutual friend and after they talked for three hours on their first date, they knew they had found something special. They continued to date, and were married eight months later. In early 2017, Becca felt led to fast and pray for three things. One was a better job, the second was a house and the third prayer was for a baby. All three prayers were answered and when they found out they were pregnant with Xander, they were thrilled! At 19 weeks, Becca went for her normally scheduled ultrasound, and the doctor saw something on the baby's diaphragm but told them that they would do another ultrasound in 4 weeks. Then they found that Becca's cervix was thinning and they told her that she probably wouldn't carry the baby to term. The doctor then asked Becca "If the baby comes in the next week, do you want us to do everything we can to keep him alive?" Becca answered "Absolutely!" Then they listed all the complications for a baby born so early. They talked about everything from underdeveloped lungs to blindness. Becca's resolve did not waiver and she told the doctor to save the baby. She was then sent to get steroid shots every day to strengthen the baby's lungs and she was on bed rest at home. Their goal was to make it to 30 weeks, but at 24 weeks her water broke and she had to have an emergency C-section. Xander was 1 lb. 9 oz.

Becca and Scottie had already decided on the name Xander but after his birth they found out it meant WARRIOR! They were reminded of when the Angel appears to Gideon and says “the Lord is with you mighty warrior”.

Becca found herself in a world she never knew existed. She was now a mother to a micro preemie. It was so scary and though their faith was strong, they weren't sure the baby would make it. God met them at every turn. People prayed and helped in every way they could and when they were worried about the expense of the care Xander needed, they discovered that due to his early birth, he qualified for a social security supplement which provided him with Medicade.

When Xander was two weeks old he stomach ruptured and he had to have emergency bed side surgery which would take out part of his intestines and left him with an ostomy bag. After the surgery they were told it was bad and Xander was really sick. They held their breath for the next 48 hours, they were told he has a 50/50 chance.

The NICU was a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs. Xander would take two steps forward and a step back.

Eventually, Becca had to go back to work but she still went to see him every morning and every night. She put over 3,000 miles on her car traveling back and forth to Women’s Hospital in Greensboro. Becca, Scottie and Katelyn would go as a family and Katelyn would help bathe him. Once Xander reached 5 pounds the doctors were able to reconnect his intestines. It was the light at the end of the tunnel!! Xander was in the NICU for 105 days. Today, Xander is completely healthy and this sweet family is so grateful to have each other and their little warrior! It was my joy and privilege to photograph this precious family and see God's faithfulness in their lives.

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